What is Erectile Dysfunction and what is Edge HPX


Edge HPX: What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most persistent common physical sexual disorders in adult males of all ages. No matter the culture, financial status, health, or other background detail, it’s something that happens. Its impact cannot be overstated as the affliction impacts one of the most important functions of physical and psychological health, the ability to perform or enjoy healthy sexual activities regardless of orientation. A simplified definition of erectile dysfunction is the inability for an individual’s penis to achieve a solid erection or maintain it over a period of time to sufficient need. It is also often referred to as impotence due to the penis’s inability to perform its primary function, impregnation and reproduction. There are a wide variety of types of erectile dysfunction with different levels of difficulty of treatment and myriad of causes. Shortened to ED, erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological, emotional, or physical ailments or limitations. Amongst psychological influences, stress is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction. This can be acute, in the case of feeling pressured by the need to perform and leads to not being present and able to fully enjoy the experience thus killing stimulation. Other causes for acute erectile dysfunction could be an individual’s blood pressure levels, pain levels, or inability to focus. For others, the problem can be recurrent also known as chronic erectile dysfunction. This can be caused by diabetes, the stress of your workload or occupation, or lack of compatibility with sexual partners that can actively stimulate and engage your libido. ED cannot be broken down to one singular source but a few issues that have compounded to exacerbate the problem. Depression when coupled with poor blood flow through the arteries or nervous system problems can make the process of attaining or maintaining an erection difficult. This is not only limited to the inability to get or maintain an erection. The inability to climax with sexual partners or premature ejaculation are also symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Besides stress and anxiety, another major cause of ED in young adults to middle aged adults is a change in medication. Whether a pain relief medication or blood pressure medication, side effects can be that the ability for your nervous system to activate or function fully is impaired. A suppressed nervous system can lead to the process that makes maintaining an erection possible more difficult or requires more work and focus. Some medications can make the area of the genitals have a more constricted blood flow. In order for an erection to be able to be attained, uninhibited blood flow and a clean diet make the process much more likely to be consistent and to natural standards.


As much as 8% of all men over the age of 35 have or will have experience dealing with erectile dysfunction. Aging has an impact on penile/genital health. However, one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction is a person’s lifestyle. Heavy smoking and drinking contribute significantly to respiratory and thus circulation and heart problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Those that do not exercise by large have a 35% higher chance of eventually in their lifetime being afflicted with ED due to both the psychological and physiological benefits that exercise would offer not being applied. Basically, more often than not, erectile dysfunction isn’t a sign of a problem, it’s the result of one and is more a symptom of something that can be corrected.

EDGE HPX: What are drugs that help with erectile dysfunction?

drugs-that-help-with-erectile-dysfunction Amongst the treatment options for ED, experts agree that a blend of therapeutic based treatments and the use of supplements and medication can go far. It’s important to find the right combination for your particular ailment. Consulting with a doctor or pharmacist on your options can be costly but will definitely lead to potential results. Focusing on using only one form of treatment versus another doesn’t necessarily guarantee results neither in the short term or the long term. Each medication affects every individual differently. Supplements, while not necessarily scheduled, can be cost effective solutions for lighter symptoms of ED.

There are a number of drugs that attempt to combat ED in different ways. One of the most used medications for treating ED/impotence is testosterone. Edge HPX is one product that many people tend to try when looking for a testosterone booster. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is developed within both male and female genitals, with the former in much more extreme amounts. As a sex hormone, it’s responsible for contributing to arousal and can be encapsulated as one of the reasons that drives the libido within men. Testosterone medication is usually administered via a shot given directly into the muscle by a medical professional though there are some that against advice apply it directly themselves. The impact of higher testosterone has been described as more solid erections and higher libido. While it has been debated heavily on its application, HGH, also known as the human growth hormone has been used to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction. It has led to the restoration of libido and the higher functioning of sexual organs whilst promoting muscle growth when used in conjunction with regular exercise. Due to its synthetic nature, it has been debated the long term effects and needs to be heavily vetted, so it’s best to consult with your physician. The american urological association released a profile on the best pill form medicinal treatments for ED and other impotence related disorders in men. On the list were some of more well-known medications for sexual performance or stimulation, including: Trazodone, Tadalafil, and Sildenafil. Each are medications that target a specific enzyme that influences the ability for a male to be get aroused as well as maintain an erection. The PDE5 enzyme when inhibited, for a period of time stops the ability for blood to leave the penis, which effectively prevents the penis from being able to lose an erection. While it is not advised for those that have any heart condition, due to its ability to influence respiratory/cardiac function, it generally is much safer than any other means of treatment. As testing continues into the future, even the slight potential side effects or negative impacts will be lessened to gradually become nonexistent.

drugs-that-help-with-erectile-dysfunction-2Though medication is one of the best forms of treatment, like using the brand Edge HPX, there still remains other options including injections, genital prosthetics, genital exercises and more that can help create more organic approaches to genital strength and durability. The issue is that if the problem is physical opposed to psychological, the progressive development will be less effective. The best option for those wishing to create a substantial difference would be to focus initially on pill based medical treatments, as the use of more invasive or alternative treatments are the relatively new result of testing. One of the more successful treatments that sound like something out of a science fiction movie has been shock therapy treatment. Compared to safely using a well-tested PDE5 inhibitor, it’s pretty simple to make the choice over which modern treatment option physicians lean toward.

What are the benefits of a natural supplements for Erectile dysfunction?


Natural supplements when used in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet is one of the most effective long term solutions for treating erectile dysfunction. Because it addresses chemical health concerns whilst balancing a healthy lifestyle, it’s substantially more effective when also used with other treatment options.

Natural supplements such as zinc, ginseng, noopept, and more offer cost effective solutions that work to enhance your baseline of sexual health. Compared to using drugs that require a physician’s approval, these present little to know side effects on the user and tend to cost a significant amount less. At the same time, whereas erectile dysfunction medications are good for exclusively that purpose, using supplements can be used either standalone or in tandem with your erectile dysfunction medication to treat the problem as well as increase overall health. Zinc has been used to raise testosterone/libido and lead to more energy and focus. Ginseng has been shown to be good for circulation and energy levels. Noopept, while it increases drive and focus, has the most substantiated evidence for also improving psychological state whilst balancing mood and is easily available without a prescription. Though using supplements is something that must be well researched same as any other substance that is put in the body, it tends to veer more on the safe side with more room for error. Finding the best supplement stack or combination for your body is completely dependent on your resiliency and patience to test and progressively find what is best suited for your problem. As always, taking the time to do your due diligence and heavily research what medication and treatment options are available is best to do at your own discretion. Erectile dysfunction treatments and medications have come a long way in the past twenty years, with constantly developing options for helping men of all ages overcome an otherwise easily treatable problem.

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